Radiology Imaging Cases


  1. Extrarenal pelvis of kidney
    Acute pyelonephritis
    Diffuse Renal Disease
    Pneumobilia click
    Acute Appendicitis
    Ultrasound Hepatitis
    Glomerulonephritis Click
    Images Granuloma
    Appendicitis pediatric
    Papillary necrosis
    Cirrhosis Click
    Cholangiocarcinoma click
    Pneumobilia c lick
    Hepatic calcification
    Normal Renal Tract
    Staghorn calculi
    Anatomy abdominal aorta
    Duplex system pediatric
    Inferior Vena Cava
    Renal cell carcinoma
    images of Splenomegaly
    Appearances pancreas
    Neonatal cholestasis
    Images limphoma Small
    Portal hypertension
    Hemangioma on Sonograph
    Benign Focal Liver Lesions
    FNH remains hyperechoic
    Hepatocellular adenoma
    Vena Cava, And Artery
  2. Post Nephrostomy click
    Intussusception pediatric
    Due to reflux Renal
    Renal abscess
    Renal vein thrombosis
    Pyelonephritis pediatric
    Fungal infection pediatric
    Choledochal cyst paediatric
    Retroperitoneal Abnormalities
    Renal vein thrombosis
    Pelvicalyceal Dilatation
    Pyloric stenosis pediatric
    Duplication cysts pediatric
    Trauma Abdomen Click
    Images Of Lymphatics
    Calcification of spleen
    Vena cava through
    Polycystic kidney disease
    Superior mesenteric artery
    Abnormalities of spleen
    Splenic artery aneurysm
    Anaemia of spleen
    images Splenic cysts
    Stonefree gallbladder
    Biliary Dilatation
    Biliary stasis clik
    Chronic cholecystitis
    Small Gallbladder
    CT Coronary Arteries
    CT OF Renal arteries
    CT urography click
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