Ultrasound images Splenic cysts

Splenic cysts have a relatively low incidence, but are nevertheless the most common benign mass found in the spleen. They demonstrate the usual acoustic characteristics of well-defined capsule, no internal echoes and posterior enhancement (Fig.below). Splenic cysts may occasionally be associated with adult polycystic disease Other causes of cystic lesions in the spleen include post-traumatic cysts (liquefied haematoma), hydatid cysts (Echinococcus granulosus parasite) or cystic metastases (for example from primary ovarian carcinoma, which may contain mucin).
As with hepatic cysts, haemorrhage may occur, causing LUQ pain (Fig. below). Large cysts may be resected, in order to avoid rupture.
Ultrasound Small, simple splenic cyst.
ultrasound images Haemorrhage into a splenic cyst causes low-level echoes.
ultrasound images Large splenic abscess in an immunosuppressed patient following hepatic transplantation.
Ultrasound images This abscess, involving the entire spleen, followed a severe episode of empyema.
The patient presented, following cholecystectomy, with a spiking temperature.
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