Ultrasound images of case Nephrostomy

Renal obstruction in which the pelvicalyceal system is dilated may be alleviated by the percutaneous introduction of a nephrostomy tube under ultrasound guidance. This procedure relieves pressure in the renal collecting system and avoids potential irreversible damage to the renal parenchyma (Fig. ultrasound images below). Although the procedure may be carried out completely under ultrasound control, it is normally performed in a screening room where a combination of ultrasound and X-ray screening can be used to maximal effect.
Longitudinal ultrasound image of the left kidney. There is clear evidence of hydronephrosis
Similar image during a nephrostomy procedure. The electronic ultrasound guide path can be easily visualized. The guide wire (arrow) can also be seen within the renal pelvis and collecting system
Longitudinal ultrasound scan of the left kidney immediately following nephrostomy. The collecting system remains dilated due to injected contrast. The echogenic tips of the drainage cathether (arrow) can be visualized within the renal pelvis.
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