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The peritoneum is the large sheet of serous membrane which lines the abdominal cavity and surrounds the organs. The peritoneum has several ‘extensions’ which bind the organs together: the mesentery, which loosely anchors the small bowel ensuring it does not twist, the transverse mesocolon, which attaches the transverse colon to the posterior abdominal wall, and the greater and lesser omentum. These projections coat the viscera and form pouches, or sacs, within the peritoneal  cavity in which dependent fluid can collect.
The retroperitoneal space contains the kidneys and ureters, adrenal glands, pancreas and duodenal loop, great vessels and the ascending and descending portions of the large bowel, including the caecum (Fig.ultrasound images below).
fig A
fig. B
(A) Axial and (B) sagittal sections through the abdomen, showing the relationship of the abdominal viscera to the peritoneum (red).
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