Ultrasound images of Renal abscess

ultrasound images of A renal abscess is generally a progression of focal inflammation within the kidney (see above). The area liquefies and may enlarge to form a complex mass with distal acoustic enhancement. Low-level echoes from pus may fill the abscess cavity, giving it the appearance of increased echogenicity, but it may also be hypoechoic. The margins of the abscess may be ill-defined at first but may develop a more obvious capsule as the lesion becomes established (Fig. ultrasound images below), this capsule often has an
easily identifiable thick rim. Flow may be seen in the inflammatory capsule with colour Doppler, but not in the liquefied centre.

Ultrasound images of A renal abscess may mimic a lymphoma as both may be hypoechoic on ultrasound, and both may have either single or multiple foci. The abscess may be intrarenal, subcapsular or perirenal. Frequently, drainage under ultrasound guidance is the preferred treatment; gradual resolution of the abscess can also be monitored with ultrasound.
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