abnormal mri brain Ependymitis

  • —Ventriculitis, or ependymitis, is an inflammation of the ependymal lining of the ventricular system
  • —\rupture of periventricular abscess or from retrograde spread of infection from the basal cisterns by way of the fourth ventricle
  • —Hydrocephalus may result from intraventricular adhesions and septation caused by organization of intraventricular exudate and debris, resulting in blockage of the interventricular foramina.
  • — A trapped fourth ventricle may result from obstruction of its outlets and the aqueduct because of ependymitis

abnormal mri brain

abnormal mri brain

Gadolinium-enhanced MRI studies show thin, smooth ependymal enhancement in an AIDS patient with cytomegalovirus ependymitis

—The differential diagnosis on CT and MRI studies includes ependymal seeding of intracranial neoplasm. The ependymal enhancement may be irregular or nodular if it is secondary to seeding of neoplasm, the clinical history may be helpful in arriving at the correct diagnosis. see below images.

abnormal mri brain

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