abnormal mri brain tuberculoma

  • found in any portion of the intracranial compartment
  • When tuberculoma and tuberculous meningitis are seen together, the diagnosis of tuberculosis is easily made.
  • Tuberculoma pathophysiology
  • • Hematogenous spread (GM-WM junction lesions)
  • • Extension of meningitis into parenchyma via cortical veins or small penetrating arteries.
  • NECT scans isodense, hyperdense, or of mixed density
  • CECT- ringlike enhancement[152] or, less likely, areas of nodular enhancement
  • A central nidus of calcification with surrounding ringlike enhancement, known as the target sign, suggests tuberculoma.
  • Gadolinium-enhanced MRI studies show enhancing patterns similar to those on contrast-enhanced CT scans
  • abnormal mri brain
  • abnormal mri brain
  • abnormal mri brain
  • abnormal mri brain

    abnormal mri brain > T1-weighted image shows isointense to hyperintense capsules with central pus and debris and surrounding edema. B, T2-weighted image shows the abscess capsules with an inner ring of hypointensity and an outer ring of hyperintensity; pus shows hyperintensity, and debris shows hypointensity. C, Gadolinium-enhanced MRI study shows smooth, ringlike enhancement of the abscess capsule

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