abnormal mri brain Tuberculous meningitis

  • involve the basal leptomeninges.
  • CT shows -
  • obliteration of the basal cisterns by isodense or slightly hyperdense exudate, which shows diffuse enhancement with IV contrast medium
  • The most useful CT criteria of abnormal basal meningeal enhancement are:
  • (A) linear enhancement of the middle cerebral artery cisterns;
  • (B) obliteration by contrast of the CSF spaces around normal vascular enhancement;
  • (C) Y-shaped enhancement at the junction of the suprasellar and middle cerebral artery cisterns and
  • (D) asymmetry of enhancementabnormal mri brain
    abnormal mri brain
  • MRI depicts the basal meningeal enhancement, hydrocephalus and basal ganglia infarcts with greater sensitivity than CT
  • Late sequelae of tuberculous meningitis include hydrocephalus, infarction, syringobulbia, and syringomyelia.Abnormal mri brain Tuberculous meningitis.
  • abnormal mri brain

abnormal mri brain

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