abnormal mri brain “Nipah virus encephalitis”

  1. —MR shows fairly characteristic findings with small T2 hyperintense white or gray matter lesions with transient T1 hyperintense punctate cortical lesions in subacute phase.
  2. Source (1) Lim. Radiol 2002;222:219abnormal mri brain
  3. —paramyxovirus spread to man from fruit-bats or pigs infected by fruit-bats.
  4. — Subsequent spread from man to man occurs.
  5. —First identified in Malaysia and Singapore in 1988-89, outbreaks have occurred in Bangladesh (2001-4,5)and Siliguri (2001). Case fatality in India and Bangladesh was 75%.
  6. Source :(1) Halder. Ann Ind Acad Neurol 2006;9:137Abnormal mri brain Emerging viruses.
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