abnormal mri brain Intracranial Empyema

Abnormal mri brain Subdural empyema l

Ø collection of pus between dura and leptomeninges

Øas a complication of meningitis, paranasal sinusitis, otitis media, osteomyelitis, or a penetrating wound of the skull

Ø Frontal sinusitis is the most common cause

Ø Route: retrograde fashion through a dural sinus or through bridging veins

Ø even when small, usually cause focal neurologic deficits

Ø considered a neuro-surgical emergency because of its progressive clinical course.

ØDespite recent improvement in surgical technique and antibiotics, mortality remains high (25% to 40%).

ØComplications :venous thrombosis and infarction

abnormal mri brain meningitis 2

hypodense or isodense crescentic or lenticular area adjacent to the inner table of the skull CECT and enhancement of the medial rim may be seen

abnormal mri brain meningitis 2

abnormal mri brain, Enhancement of the margin of the empyema is characteristic better visualized with MRI than with CT

Abnormal mri brain of the empyema

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