abnormal mri brain Herpes encephalitis

Herpes simplex encephalitis

—most common endemic encephalitis in the USA (2 per million) and causes 10-20% of all viral encephalitis.

—Early diagnosis is important because AV therapy can decrease mortality and morbidity.

—HSV1 causes 95% of HSE. Most commonly occurs due to virus reactivation. HSV2 causes 80-90% of neonatal encephalitis

Source: Panagaria A. Neurol In. 49:360; 2001.

§Definitive diagnosis: PCR, intrathecal antibodies, brain biopsy – take time and may be false negative in early disease [1].

§Imaging helps in establishing an early diagnosis.

source > Akyldz BN Paeditr Emerg Care 24;377 :2008.

— Usually bilateral

— Hemorrhage and enhancement seen

— Basal ganglia tend to be spared or involved in contiguity with the TL.

— Pons may be involved [Tien AJR:161,1993]

MR is more sensitive and shows lesions earlier than CT or SPECT,

abnormal mri brain

abnormal mri brain

abnormal mri brain

Abnormal mri brain Of Herphes

abnormal mri brain

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