Patients Prefer Results From the Ordering Provider-JACR reports

In a study published by  Miguel Cabarrus et al published in JACR,  total of 617 surveys (25% response rate) were completed, 475 (77%) and 142 (23%) by academic medical center and county hospital patients, respectively. 

Among all respondents, the majority of patients (387 of 617 [63%]) preferred models of results delivery centered on the referring physician as opposed to the radiologist. 

Regardless of who verbally relayed the results, 64% of all respondents (398 of 617) wanted the option to receive a copy of the report, and 522 of 614 (85%) wanted to see their images.

Reference : 
Patients Prefer Results From the Ordering Provider and Access to Their Radiology Reports
Cabarrus, Miguel et al. Journal of the American College of Radiology
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