New Info Use of ultrasound in food preservation

Ultrasound is considered to be an emerging technology in the food industry. It has advantages of minimizing flavor loss, increasing homogeneity, saving energy, high productivity, enhanced quality, reduced chemical and physical hazards, and is environmentally friendly. When it is applied with pressure and/or temperature its efficiency increases but cautions needed to determine and control nutritional loss. Also, process parameters and applied material change the results. Consequently, ultrasound is a good alternative method for the food preservation and processing and also no adverse effect on human health has been proven. Although there are many studies relating ultrasonic application in laboratory scale, its application in the food industry is not sufficiently common. Future studies should be focused on scale-up and standardization of treatment processes.
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may be useful, it turns ultrasound is now used for the medical world, are now venturing into the world of food technology
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