Ultrasonography of Esophagus

The thyroid gland acts as an acoustic window of the cervical portion of the esophagus. The left liver lobe provides an acoustic window for study of reflux and the gastroesophageal junction. Gray-scale ultrasonography (US) has been used to investigate oral motor function in children with neurologic impairment . Its full role is yet to be established.
Endoscopic US (endosonography), using a high-resolution 20MHz transducer, has the potential of becoming the most important imaging modality in esophageal cancer staging and evaluating other intramural lesions. Tumor extension to regional nodes can be detected. The current trend is that endosonography influences patient management, often toward less costly, less risky, and less invasive procedures. Endoluminal US data can provide 3D images, potentially aiding staging, but this technique is too new to draw conclusions. Fine-needle aspiration biopsy using endoscopic US guidance is feasible.
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