Normal CT anatomy OF RENAL

The kidneys are surrounded by perinephric fat and renal fascia. The anterior renal fascia (fascia of Gerota) covers the kidney anteriorly, whereas the posterior renal fascia (Zuckerkandl’s fascia) covers the kidney posteriorly. These fascial layers divide the general retroperitoneal space into three compartments extending from the diaphragm to the pelvic brim (ie, the anterior pararenal space, the perinephric space, and the posterior pararenal space). MDCT is able to demonstrate the normal anatomy of the kidney (ie, the renal fascia and the major extraperitoneal compartments) not only in the axial plan but also in the sagittal and coronal planes, thereby making it possible to define the exact location and extension of lesions. The 3-D VR images nicely demonstrate the location of the kidney in relation to adjacent structures (Fig. A).
Axial view of the VRT demonstrates the renal arteries (arrows) and the renal veins (arrowheads).
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