Indirect ultrasound guidance

Not infrequently drainage of fluid, for example from the pleural cavity, may be performed away from the ultrasound department in the ward or clinic. Although ideally this is done under guidance with a portable scanner, in practice excellent results are obtained for larger, non-loculated collections, particularly pleural effusions, by marking the skin surface with a felt-tip marker in the main scanning department to enable drainage to be safely carried out on the ward.
The mark should be made with the patient in the position in which drainage is to be attempted, for example sitting or decubitus right side raised, and this information communicated to the clinician performing the drainage, together with the depth from the skin surface to the fluid. The puncture site should be marked so that the route is perpendicular to the skin surface. Drainage of pleural effusions and of ascites are the two most commonly performed procedures using this methodjurnal radiology Tags:
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