How Much Does a CT Scanner Cost in 2017

crawford-paulWritten by Paul Crawford (Source Content, “How much does a CT scanner cost?” It's somewhat of a broad question as there are a lot of factors at play- a little like asking how much a car costs. A Ford Pinto isn’t going to cost you much (you may even be able to pull one off my neighbor’s front lawn for free) but that Maserati is going to put a far larger dent in your pocketbook.
What types of studies will you be performing?
This will help us narrow down how many slices per rotation your scanner will need to take. For example, if you are performing a lot of cardiac studies you should probably buy a 64-slice CT due to the constant motion of the heart. On the other hand, angio and perfusion studies can often be done effectively with a 4-slice scanner. Answering this question will also determine if you need a unique software option (cardiac, fluoro, perfusion, etc).
Do you have a preferred manufacturer?
GE, Siemens, Toshiba, and Philips are the four biggest names in CT manufacturing. If you're only interested one of them, you’ve just eliminated 75% of your options. That may be worth doing if your tech is trained on all GE or if your radiologist is a diehard Siemens apologist... but in general, try to keep an open mind. For example- GE is usually about 30% more expensive to purchase than its counterparts but, in many places, can be less expensive to maintain. Considerations like this will help you look not just at a CT's sticker price, but also the cost of owning it for years to come.
CT Scanner Service Cost Price Info
Does the system you're considering meet federal standards?
For those purchasing a system for use in the US, it will be important to make sure that any prospective system meets NEMA standard XR-29. Legislation tied to these standards will affect your reimbursements.
NEMA Standard XR-29 for CT- What Does It Mean for You?
What is your budget?
I'm sure some of you are thinking “WAIT! I can’t tell you my budget, you’ll try to sell me a Pinto for the Maserati price!” Well, if you're not ready to have that conversation just yet, this video will help you set your expectations. Here are some guidelines for installed pricing on refurbished CT scanners:
CT Scanner Price Cost Guide

Wistia video thumbnail - CT Scanner Price Cost Guide 2017
1:11 Note that these price ranges include the system itself and installation. Applications training, site drawings, and annual service agreements ("warranties" ranging from $50,000-$130,000) are additional components often built into a full "turn-key" purchase price.
The Takeaway
Like anything, after the major considerations are accounted for, final cost comes down to supply and demand. The more you limit your selection- whether by software options, manufacturer, or project schedule- the less supply you will have available. Sometimes it’s a necessity, but the more flexibility the better. For a more detailed CT quote use the button below to describe your project. Happy shopping!
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