CT Scanner Price Guide in 2017

4-8 Slice CT Scanner Costs
The "bread and butter" option applies to those looking to perform almost every kind of scan aside from cardiac. The 16-slice CT is a 16-slice CT scan. If you're buying in the US, be sure you're aware of the NEMA standard XR-29 and the effect it will have on your choice.
A four ("Quad") slice or 8-slice CT scanner will cost between $ 50,000- $ 90,000 installed with a "first scan" warranty.
Examples from the lower end of that range include:
    Siemens Volume Zoom
    Philips MX8000 4-slice
From the middle:
    GE Brightspeed Excel 4-slice
    GE Brightspeed Edge 4-slice
From the higher end:
    GE Ultra 8
    GE Brightspeed Edge 8-slice
16-Slice CT Scanner Costs
A 16-slice scanner will cost between $ 75,000- $ 155,000 installed with a "first scan" warranty.
Examples include:
    Philips IDT 16
    Siemens Sensation 16
    GE Lightspeed 16
64-Slice CT Scanner Costs
Whether you're looking for marketability or to meet clinical demands, this is where the bread and butter scanners just will not cut it. If you're looking to do cardiac studies, you'll want a 64-slice machine.
A 64 slice CT ranges between $ 90,000- $ 250,000 installed with a "first scan" warranty. The range is fairly broad, but there are a number of features and software options available that can add up quickly. Which of these you may need depends on the specific circumstances at your facility.
Examples include:

    GE VCT 64
    Toshiba Aquilion 64
    Siemens Sensation 64
Premium CT Scanner Costs
The top price tier for CT scanners is also fairly broad. This is because the slice counts are double and even quadruple, and availability on the secondary market plummets. This tier includes fully-loaded 64-slice systems in the middle, and 256 or 320-slice systems on the high end,
Premium CT scanners currently cost between $ 250,000 and $ 800,000.
    Examples include:
    Siemens Definition AS Series
    Philips iCT 128 or higher
    Toshiba Aquilion Prime
    Toshiba Aquilion ONE
The Takeaway
The price ranges listed above are ballpark averages that reflect the current market. Your individual purchase price will vary within that range. Use the button below to get a more specific price quote.

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