abnormal mri brain HSV

— Both HSV1 and 2 are commonly prevalent in Indian population. (Mixed=83%, HSV1=10%, HSV2=1%) [1]

— HSV2 along with TORCH agents are major causes of neonatal encephalitis.

— Infections result from maternal birth canal or transplacental spread

— Unlike HSV1, HSV2 infection in neonates is diffuse.

HSV 2:

— Imaging findings are nonspecific.

— CT scans in early disease may be negative or show subtle areas of low density

— Conventional MR and DWI show lesions better.

— Lesions may be multifocal involving almost any area of brain or limited to temporal lobes brainstem and cerebellum.

— Watershed infarcts may be seen

—  In-utero infections can result in microcephaly, encephalomalacia or calcification.

sOURCE )Vossough.2008. Neuroradiol 50:355

abnormal mri brain

Axial T1WI MR shows diffuse cystic encephalomalacia and prominent CSF-containing spaces


abnormal mri brain

Axial T2WI MR shows areas of high signal in frontal lobes WM due to acute H5V-2

abnormal mri brain

abnormal mri brain HSV 1 AND HSV2

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