MR in cases of metastatic mesothelioma

the disease mesothelioma in grade two and above are very dangerous on penyebaranya to other organs, mesothelioma is a disease that is very easy penyebaranya to the other organs, especially the liver, because the organs adjacent to the lung.
The following description of metastasis in patients with mesothelioma :

diagnos of mesothelioma

Diffuse irregular thickening of parietal peritoneum with omental cake is hypointense on axial T2 Weighted images (a), hyperintense on FIESTA sequence (b), shows minimal enhancement on post-gadolinium axial T1 Weighted images (c). We can see perihepatic minimal ascites.

diagnos of mesothelioma

Coronal post gadolinium T1 weighted image shows perihepatic focal parietal peritoneal thickening and hepatic metastases.

metastases of mesothelioma

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