The biliary tract Ultrasound

The following ultrasound of several cases of the biliary tract, at this time the explanation will be presented several cases of which are emergency ultrasound examinations, may be useful.
Gall stones Ultrasound :
A. Ultrasound images of gall stone sitting position
B: Decubitus position
Tissue Harmonic imaging THI
Complicated cholecystitis :
Gangrenous cholecystitis ultrasound:

Thickening of the gallbladder wall and the presence of peri-cholecystic fluid are secondary findings of acute cholecystitis on ultrasound examination, but are neither sensitive nor specific :
Perforated DU +abnormal GB ultrasound :

As acute cholecystitis is an obstructive process, the gallbladder also typically is distended.
Hence, a careful search should be made for an obstructing stone in either the cystic duct or the neck of the gallbladder 
Emphysematous cholecystitis ultrasound:

Xanthogranulomatous Cholecystitis ultrasound:
may be use full for reader.

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