CT Paranasal Sinus Mild Deviation

MSCT examination of paranasal sinuses without contrast
Created thinly sliced ​​pieces of axial coronal reformatted
Invisible mucosal thickening / gloom in the sinuses paranasales
Invisible picture pathologic sinus pneumatization paranasales
Osteomeatal right-left complex opens
Looks mild nasal septum deviation to the left
Konka Konka bullous shows images of the left media
Mucosal thickening looked right inferior turbinate rice
There seemed overview deflexi konka
Lamina papyracea intact
The distance between the base crista galli and sinus roof according to Keros II ethmoidalis
Left and right internal carotid artery is restricted thin bones do not stand out against the sphenoid sinus
There seemed molar root intrusion into the right and left sinus floor maxillaris
Conclusion CT Paranasal sinuses:
Paranasales sinusitis invisible picture on MSCT examination SPN today
Konka Konka bullous left media
Mild deviation of the nasal septum to the left
Mucosal thickening of the right inferior turbinate rice
CT Paranasal Sinuses

CT Paranasal

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