CT abdomen with contrast for Polycystic disease

CT abdomen with contrast for trauma case can you see under explanation, Numerous nontraumatic disorders are associated with spontaneous liver rupture Postcontrast CT reveals a liver laceration as an irregular linear or branching hypodense region surrounded by enhancing liver parenchyma. 
ct abdoment with contrast Liver laceration in a 25-year-old man (arrows). (Courtesy of Patrick Fultz, M.D., University of Rochester.
Some of these linear lacerations mimic dilated bile ducts. Lacerations of the porta hepatis commonly involve bile ducts and major vessels. Extensive lacerations tend to radiate toward the periphery. A hemoperitoneum is common; the exception being with injury to the liver bare area (segment VII) when a hemoretroperitoneum can develop.
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