MRI Vertebrae Lumbar In Patient low back pain

MR lumbar myelography

  1. - Appear indented distal anterior lumbar level
  2. - Invisible radicular cyst lumbar MRI
  3. - Alignment normal. There seemed listesis
  4. - Normal curvature. Lordotik lumbar enough
  5. - Invisible compression / bone destruction. There seemed to change in intensity in the bone marrow
  6. - Looks osteophytes in the lumbar vertebral body
  7. - Invisible irregularities and changes in the intensity of the endplate
  8. - Invisible intervertebral disc space narrowing
  9. - Looks intervertebral disc signal intensity changes VL.3-4; VL.4-5 be hipointens in T1-T2W - At the level VL.3-4 and VL.4-5 (heavier VL.4-5)
  10. Looks symmetric bulging disc which causes suppression thecal sac. There seemed stenosis of the neural foramina left or the right of the spinal canal at that level.
  11. - Invisible thickening of ligamentum flavum
  12. - Invisible facet joint effusion.
  13. - Conus medulare high VL.1

The fingding of mri lumbal:

  1. - Lumbar Spondylosis
  2. - Symmetric bulging disc VL.3-4 and VL.4-5 (heavier VL.4-5)
  3. - Invisible stenosis of the neural foramina and spinal canal at the level of the lumbar
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