Radiology Findings in brachial syndrome

Examination of cervical MRI without contrast, piece axial-sagittal T1W, T2W and sagittal STIR
MR cervical mielograph click
- Visible light indentation level anterior cervical
- Invisible radicular cyst distal cervical level

Cervical MRI
- Alignment normal. Invisible listesis
- The curvature straight. Lordotik reduced
- Invisible compression / fracture. Invisible change in intensity in the bone marrow.
- Looks small osteophytes in cervical vertebral body.
- Regular endplate. Invisible schmorld's nodes.
- Invisible intervertebral disc space narrowing
- Looks signal intensity changes in the level of the cervical intervertebral disc VC.3-4 s / d VC.6-7 become suspicious hipointens a degenerative disc
- At the level VC.3-4
Looks symetric bulging disc which causes suppression thecal sac. Looks mild narrowing of the right neural foramen. Invisible spinal canal stenosis at that level.
- At the level VC.4-5; VC.5-6; VC.6-7
Looks symetric bulging disc which causes suppression thecal sac. Invisible narrowing of the neural foramen or spinal canal stenosis at that level.
- Invisible thickening of the posterior longitudinal ligament.
- Invisible facet joint arthrosis as well as facet joint effusion.
- The intensity of the signal of normal cervical spinal cord level.

Impression :
- Straight cervical vertebra
- Cervical Spondylosis
- Multilevel symmetric bulging disc VC.3-4; VC4-5; VC.5-6; VC.6-7 (heaviest VC.3-4)
- Mild stenosis of the neural foramina right level VC.3-4
- Invisible level cervical spinal canal stenosis
- Level cervical spinal medulla looks nomal

Radiology findings in brachial syndrome you can see

Sagital images 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,


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