MRI Knee Joint dextra, partial tear of the anterior cruciate ligament Right

Invisible minimal soft tissue edema. The knee joint notch Both Invisible luxatio. Joints bones intact, NOT Looks Signs of fracture. No signal appears normal Yang Yang elevated bone marrow ON A bone marrow edema suspicious bruises ec. Looks NOT subchondral erosions The osteochondritis dissecans suspicious. Sela Joints NOT narrows Invisible normal fluid collection patella region and intra-articular bursae. Medial and lateral collateral ligament intact. The anterior cruciate ligament disruption Accompanied deformity Looks And The signal intensity rising. NOT intact posterior cruciate ligament rupture Signs Appear. The position of the patella os well, showed lateralization OR NOT certification patella. And laterals intact medial retinaculum. Patellar tendon and thigh intact Meniscus signal intensity shows and Medial Lateral The normal, suspicious NOT sign a meniscus tear - Description of a partial tear of the anterior cruciate ligament Right - Position Joints Good NOT Looks Signs luksasio / fracture - Invisible meniscal tears - Invisible Sign of ruptured collateral ligament and patellar tendon quadriceps-
MRI Knee Joint
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