Hydatid Disease

           Hydatid disease is discussed in more detail in. Although most echinococcal cysts are located in either the liver or the lungs, an occasional cyst develops in the spleen, kidneys, bones, heart, or peritoneum. Usually splenic involvement is also associated with other disease, at times being recurrent. Rupture of a splenic echinococcal cyst results in peritoneal dissemination of cyst content.
           Cyst wall calcifications develop in about half of splenic echinococcal cysts.Most have a welldemarcated outline; some are multiloculated Postcontrast CT reveals little contrast enhancement in the cyst wall. Other splenic cysts, including the rare lymphangioma, are in the differential diagnosis.


This is radiology images of the Isolated splenic hydatid disease. Contrast-enhanced CT through upper (A) and lower (B) poles reveals a large cystic nonenhancing structure. A daughter cyst is evident in A.

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