Sonographic Measurements Gastric Emptying

Indications: Detection of impaired gastric motility, which may occur in diabetic neuropathy, nondiabetic neuropathy, and systemic diseases.

Measurement: Cross-sectional area of the antrum in the aortomesenteric plane


Antral planimetry in the aortomesenteric plane

Test meal: Tea

x The fasted patient is examined in the morning in the sitting or standing position.
x Antral planimetry is carried out in the aortomesenteric plane.
x The patient drinks 300mL of unsweetened tea with a straw.
x Antral planimetry is repeated at 5min intervals.

Findings: Determine the time required for the maximum antral area measured
after ingestion of tea to return to the initial area measured before ingestion of tea:
x Normal value: 25min.
x A value of 40min or more signifies impaired gastric emptying.


Sonographic antral planimetry. VMS = superior mesenteric vein, L = liver, AO = aorta, AN = antrum

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