Radiology Images Of Conn syndrome

              Conn syndrome is characterised by increased s. aldosterone and decreased plasma renin  sctivity.  Pt  presents  with  severe  hypokalaemia,  hypertension  (HTN)  and alkalosis. Females are affected more than males. We, report a case of a 29 yr old male admitted with severe generalised weakness and difficulty in breathing. He was intubated and resuscitated with medical management. On investigation, a diagnosis of  adrenal  adenoma  (Conn  syndrome)  was  established.  Subsequently,  the  pt underwent Rt adrenalectomy. Pt recovered completely. Hiss. potassium was normal  without  any  supplements.  He  became  normotensive  without  any antihypertensive  drugs.  Thus  Conn  syndrome  is  rare,  can  present  with  life  threatening complications, but correct diagnosis and timely surgical intervention can be life saving
clip_image002Showing small adenoma in Rt.adrenal gland
Radiology Images of Rt.adrenal adenoma
Review of Literature Two major subtypes can be observed due to which primary hyperaldosteronism i.e. increased aldosterone secretion from adrenals is caused
1 Unilateral aldosterone producing adenoma (APA) Or Conn syndrome (50 - 60% of cases)
2. Idiopathic  hyperaldosteronism  (IHA) or bilateral adrenal hyperplasia (40 -50% of cases).
3. Arare subtype is aldosterone producing adrenocortical Ca (APAC).
P r e v a l e n c e f o r p r i m a r y hyperaldosteronism specifically Conn syndrome are respectively 0.05 - 2% and4 0.03 - 1.2% of HTN pts.

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