Radiology Images Of appendicitis in children

Acute appendicitis is a leading cause of the abdominal pain in children that need an urgent surgical treatment. Neither of individually clinical variables doesn’t have a real discriminational nor predictive strength to be used as the only diagnostic test. A goal of this study is to define ultrasound criteria of the acute appendicitis by appointing of ultrasound parameters for this pathological condition, determine the relation between ultrasound signs and pathohistological finding, determine the connection of several ultrasound signs with a degree of the inflammation of the acute appendicitis.
shows eight ultrasound signs of acute appendicitis that are individually analysed in each patient. Figure in  bellow shows pathohistological findings of the examined group of little patients. From these data we can see that appendicitis flegmonosa is the most common pathohistological finding (44%) (Figures below). In more than half of examined patients gangrenous appendicitis and perforate gangrenous appendicitis (30% + 22%) were found, which suggests a long existence of symptoms until the hospital treatment.
radiology images of appendicitis in children
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