MRI of the liver in cases active desease

( MRI of liver )Axial liver breath-hold images of an intra-hepatic FNH, in the setting of a diffusely abnormal liver with features of steatohepatitis on fat-suppressed single-shot T2-weighted.

imagemri of liver  in-phase and and out-of-phase, that corresponds to a slowly enhancing central fibrovascular scar; compare the arterial phase (d, arrow) to the equilibrium phase


mri of liver T1-weighted, dynamically gadolinium-enhanced T1-weighted arterial and portal-venousThis case serves to demonstrate the critical information delineated on the arterial phase image


mri of liver equilibrium and phase images

If this component of the gadolinium-enhanced tissue perfusion was not included, or incorrectly timed, the abnormal liver enhancement of hepatitis and the arterial phase-dominant characteristics of the FNH would not be recognized, as these are transient features.

Low RN. Current uses of gadolinium chelates for clinical magnetic resonance imaging examination of the liver. Top Magn Reson Imaging 1998;9:141-166

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