Ultrasound images of Small less adrenal glands

Small (less than 3 cm) solid adrenal nodules are a common, incidental finding in non-symptomatic patients (Fig.ultrasound images below).
ultrasound images of TS through the right adrenal showing a small, 2.4 cm metastasis from a primary lung carcinoma. No liver metastases were present at the time. The lesion showed a reduction in size following chemotherapy Benign, non-hyperfunctioning adenomas account for the majority of adrenal nodules, and are of no clinical significance. Their incidence increases with age and they are present in around 2% of adult autopsies. Small nodules in asymptomatic patients generally require no further action, but endocrine function
may be evaluated to rule out a functioning mass. A hyperfunctioning adenoma (a determination made by evaluation of the endocrine function), although an essentially benign mass, usually requires surgical resection.
As a solitary abdominal finding in a patient with no relevant clinical history, it is generally safe to assume a small adrenal nodule requires no further action. However, because it is not possible to distinguish benign, incidental nodules from other forms of more serious pathology, incidental nodules of greater than 4 cm should be investigated further to confirm their benign nature. Non-functioning adenomas will remain stable in size on ultrasound follow-up.
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