Ultrasound images of dilatation due to reflux pediatric

Complaints children crying all night because the body feels hot, the body temperature rises, at about only fever, but after consulting the pediatrician, the child was suspected to UTI, then it is recommended by pediatricians to done Ultrasound abdomen. pee a little, after doctors performed an ultrasound examination suggested that drinking lots of water.

Mild PCS dilatation due to reflux
The right lower ureter is dilated (arrowheads) and urine was seen to reflux back up the ureter, dilating the kidney
Bilateral reflux (right worse than left) is observed in a TS through the base of the bladder. Both ureters (arrows) are seen to dilate intermittently.
with a normal patient, in whom the vesicoureteric junctions can be identified by the presence of jets on colour Doppler. No ureteric dilatation can be demonstrated either before or after micturition.
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