Ultrasound dysplasia of hip

ultrasound images of Coronal scan of a 3-month-old baby's hip. The ilium (II) is parallel to the transducer. The femoral head (F) is round and of speckled low echogenicity with a central bright echogenic ossific centre. The bony acetabulum (Ac), cartilaginous labrum (Lb), triradiate cartilage (tr) and ischium (Is)
should be seen if in the correct plane (gluteal muscle = GI).
ultrasound images of Coronal scan of developmental dysplasia of the hip. Note the shallow acetabulum (Ac) and displacement of the femoral head (F) (double-headed arrow).
Ultrasound images of Coronal scan of normal hip showing Graf angles (a = bony acetabular roof angle and
/3 = the cartilaginous acetabular roof angle).
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