Normal ultrasound images of pancreas pediatric

The acoustic characteristics of the pancreas vary with age. Pancreatic echogenicity is quite variable and is occasionally hypoechoic in neonates compared with the adult gland. In older children echogenicity is equal to or slightly greater than that of the liver. The pancreas is relatively larger in young children than in adults, gradually increasing with age, reaching adult size in late teens.11 The pancreatic duct is often visualized but should not be greater than 2 mm in width. The relative hypoechogenicity and relatively larger size of the normal pancreas in childhood should not be misinterpreted as a sign of probable pancreatitis when scanning a child with abdominal pain (Fig. ultrasound images).
Ultrasound images of Normal pancreas in a 13-year-old girl relatively hypoechoic and bulky in comparison with the adult gland
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