Measurements Of Ultrasound Images Vesica Urinaria

The ultrasound images normal adult kidney measures between 9 and 12 cm in length. A renal length outside the normal range may be an indication of a pathological process and measurements should therefore form part of the protocol of renal scanning. The maximum renal length can often only be obtained from a section which includes rib shadowing. A subcostal section, which foreshortens the kidney, often underestimates the length and it is more accurate to measure a coronal or posterior longitudinal section. The cortical thickness of the kidney is generally taken as the distance between the capsule and the margin of the medullary pyramid (Fig. 7.2D). This varies between individuals and within individual kidneys and tends to decrease with age. The bladder volume (Fig. below) can be estimated for most purposes by taking the product of three perpendicular measurements and multiplying by 0.56: Bladder volume (ml) = length x width x anteroposterior diameter (cm) x 0.56
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