CARDIAC CT Technique

Cardiac DoseRight:

When to use ? – This function reduces radiation dose to 20% during the parts of the cycle that one does not need for reconstruction purposes (needs to be defined by the user according to heart rate and clinical requirements).

• It is optimal in cases of slow heart rate (<65). In these cases it is usually sufficient to reconstruct at 70-80%.

• The remaining phases, between 0 and 70 and from 80-99 can be reconstructed however they will have a very high image noise. This means that end-diastolic and end-systolic phases needed for LV function will not be optimal. Thus the user needs to take into account the importance of having high quality images for LV function before deciding whether or not to use this function.

Injection protocol

5ml/sec - 6ml/sec if possible

70ml – 80ml, 350 - 400 mg/

If a lower rate is used, a lower volume can be used. Match Injection time to be around 10 sec longer than the scan time.

If available, a saline bolus at the end of the contrast injection is useful. 50ml

10 sec tracker delay, 200U Threshold

vCubital Fossa

20 Gauge at least

Follow the flow


Blood travels to the heart from the upper body via the SVC and the lower body via the IVC

Follow the flow

•Into the Right Atrium

Then through the Tricuspid valve into the Rt Ventricle





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